A brand to watch

As Christmas comes closer, I am starting to think what to wish for. I am browsing through a few of my favorite Swedish fashion brands.

One of them is Fifth Ave Shoe Repair.

The brand was founded in 2004 and quickly became recognizable through its great materials and good quality. One of my first purchases after i have moved to Sweden was a pair of shoes at Fifth Ave S.R.

The collection is very Swedish: urban, edgy and comfortable. You can easily combine the pieces with other styles and items. The company puts lots of effort into perfect cuts and shapes. For many artists and trendy people from south of Stockholm the collection became a kind of a uniform.

As an award winning brand V AVE S.R  can be found at almost every nice store in the city.

Resource: http://www.vave-shoerepair.com

I wouldn’t mind the nougat colored suit, a nice piece for work and leisure. Very essential for a cold winter.

Snow will soon find its way up here and I can’t wait till it brightens up the darkest time of the year.

Have a great week everyone!

Love from Stockholm,


My favorite

As I already promised last week, today´s post is about Christmas decoration.

Having kids made all holidays more important to us. The biggest of them is of course Christmas. As significant in Germany as in Sweden and with lots of similar traditions – Christmas is our favorite holiday of the year.

For me, decorating the house and making everything a little bit more special is a ‘must’ in this season and I could spend lots of money on that. Luckily my husband also really loves this time of the year and never thinks that I´m doing too much.

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite brands when it comes to Christmas decoration: Danish brand Walther&Co. They basically produce only Christmas decorations, which is not very common on the interior scene.

Resource: waltherogco.dk

I love the atmosphere that their decorations bring. My favorite colors during this season are mainly the same ones like for the rest of the year: white, black, grey, silver and a little hint of more vivid colors here and there. Maybe during this season it will be red?;-)

We already started decorating our place last weekend since the next two weeks are going to be very busy for us. However, I still try to add something new every day.

I hope you are all doing well and starting to get into the Christmas spirit. All I miss is snow!

Have a great week everyone!

Love from Stockholm,


DIP DYE – still hot or not ??

I just came across the Dip Dye Trend – probably later than a lot of people interested in fashion and interior styling. Having seen it now for a while, I still have a hard time deciding if it’s hot or not, do i like it or not ??

I find the hair trend really interesting! Not sure if it would fit me though…

All pictures from: http://pinterest.com./

When it comes to Interior…Nah, don’t really like it a lot, but maybe it is one of these things that take some time to get used to. We will see, nothing urgent that I have to decide on now!

Christmas is coming together with many occasions to dress up the girls, the house and myself. I am constantly collecting ideas for decoration, recipes for food and cookies, gift ideas, outfit ideas…

Ever since we have our kids, Christmas became so much more important!

By the way, Father’s Day was a great success. We went for a combo of the ideas I had: cookbook, cardigan and small cute things :-) My husband loved it!

Next week I am planning to share some Christmas ideas. It´s never too early for that, right ?

Until then, have a great week everyone.

Love from Stockholm,


Father´s Day

The upcoming Sunday is Father´s Day here in Sweden! Of course the girls and I are planning to make it a wonderful day for the best father in the world:)

Socks and ties are very traditional gifts, but they are way too boring for us. Since my husband really is the most adorable Dad, he deserves something special.

A cookbook is something he always appreciates – he loves to cook whenever he gets the chance to. The book that I am trying to find for him is written by a Swedish actor, whose cooking show on TV we both really enjoy.

Another thing my husband likes is a nice and cozy cardigan – an essential piece in cold Sweden. However, he also needs a new computer bag plus I love the Whyred shoes, which would be a nice change to his regular sneakers.

Well, I have lots of ideas; just have to decide on something soon.

Resources: www.whyred.se / www.superdry.com / www.permorberg.com

Btw, I am so happy that I got Woolrich Jacket for my birthday! It is already quite cold here and it seems like one of these real cold and long winters is coming, brrr… I will be protected by that wonderful jacket – quite an investment, but so needed.

Hope you are staying warm!

Love from Stockholm,