Ginger – Nature’s wonder drug.

I often speak of the amazing positives with Ginger but I just want to re-iterate, especially at this time of year when immunities are fragile and colds and bugs are rife.

Ginger tea has many medicinal qualities – firstly it keeps your muscles warm which is just what you need in this cold Berlin weather.

Ginger tea with honey ( Manuka honey is best) – brilliant to soothe a sore throat. Ginger helps alleviate motion sickness, helps your digestion and unsettled tummy`s. Reduces dizziness and can limit trapped gasses. It is a good anti-viral and anti-inflammatory – so keep it up when suffering from a cold. Also a general all-round antiseptic.

Ginger is crammed full of amazing vitamins, minerals and Iron; Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

Ginger Tea Recipe:

You can have it peeled or not, doesn’t matter. Cut into thinnish slices and add basil and cardamom into a heat resistant container adding hot water from a kettle or heat directly on the cooker. Take off the heat and add fresh honey and lime to taste when it has cool down. (If you prefer cold ginger water use plenty of ginger in less water and add cold water or put it in the fridge overnight).



 Keep your skin smiling!