5 Facts about Style

Our celebrity stylist Violetta Vio shares five facts about style in the latest Grazia magazine, Vol. 29. Go and grab it!

From Grazia, Vol. 29, June 9, 2015 , p. 65.

From Grazia, Vol. 29, July 9, 2015 , p. 65.

  1. TIMING IS EVERYTHING Our clients have a busy work schedule and not enough time for fittings. That is why detailed planning is the most important.
  2. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF Don’t blindly follow every trend. Enhance your natural features. Keep a good posture and be confident. Your own style is the best trend.
  3. EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY Timeless fashion: a black dress with high heels always work for any events. There is no need for an extravagant wardrobe and heavy make-up. A natural look is the best look.
  4. OFFLINE SHOPPING Touch and feel is essential to assess the quality of garments. Plus, you get personal style advice. These are advantages over online shopping.
  5. SHOE MAGIC Every woman needs high heels. They improve your overall femininity. You can design your own unique style of shoes at ShoeVita. Just don’t forget to bring an extra pair of ballet flats if you plan on partying all night long.

That’s it for now. Have a beautiful weekend!