Daytime Coffee Date with a Friend

IMG_3447Coffee Date Look

A daytime coffee date doesn’t have to be a blue jeans and sneakers kinda day! Dressing up is fun and you can do it whenever you want. Who would appreciate your efforts more than your best friends!? So I decided to create a casual and comfy look with a twist for this occasion.

Obviously your look should be comfortable and grey skinny jeans is a nice alternative to standard blue jeans. You can combine them with a top or blouse and immediately you will achieve an effortless chic look like this for a Sunday brunch.



For this look I added two pieces by Marc Cain which complimented each other wonderfully. The fluffy cream colored sweater adds a certain casual vibe whereas the long lace tank top enhances the combination.



I added Jimmy Choo high heels whose lace details match the lace details of the undergarment tank top and gives a class of sexiness.


A loose bun and subtle makeup accomplishes the look for a daytime coffee date with a friend.

Big Kiss, Vio


Best of Berlin Fashion Week

For anyone that missed Berlin Fashion Week, here are our favourites for the spring/summer collection 2016.

Lena Hoschek with her collection “En Provence”: Feminine dresses, floral prints and bohemian chic inspired by 1850s fabrics found in the South of France. C’est magnifique!

Lena Hoschek "En Provence"Lena Hoschek "En Provence"Lena Hoschek "En Provence"Lena Hoschek "En Provence"

Lena Hoschek "En Provence"Lena Hoschek "En Provence"

Lena Hoschek "En Provence"

The dominant trend color of the spring/summer season 2016 is white. Marc Cain presents white elegance under the theme “Future Romance”. Inspiration was taken from the classic 1975 movie “Picnic at Hanging Rock”.

Marc Cain "Future Romance"Marc Cain "Future Romance"Marc Cain "Future Romance"Marc Cain "Future Romance"Marc Cain "Future Romance"
Marc Cain "Future Romance"Marc Cain "Future Romance"

Riani brings back the colourful style of the 70s and combines light materials with wild leather and ethnic look. The company booked many well-known faces from “GNTM” for its runway: From Rebecca Mir to Luisa Hartema and the top three finalists from the previous season Vanessa Fuchs, Anuthida Ploypetch and Ajsa Selimovic. Lovely!

Riani 70sRiani 70sRiani 70sRiani 70sRiani 70sRiani 70s

Riani 70s

Talented star designer Marina Hoermanseder rocks the brilliant mix and match between soft pastel colours, blossoms and leather elements. 8,000 leather flowers were handcrafted for this collection. We are amazed! No surprise she is part of the German Fashion Design Council.

Marina HoermansederMarina HoermansederMarina Hoermanseder
Marina HoermansederMarina Hoermanseder
Marina Hoermanseder
Marina Hoermanseder
Marina Hoermanseder

Marina Hoermanseder

These are our highlights of the fashion week. Which are your favourite looks for spring/summer 2016?

Please note: All pictures in this blog post were provided by the courtesy of photographer Rafael Poshmann. Thank you!