Designmeile highlights

DND Styling took part in “Designmeile” in a fashionable way! Our Styling and Make-up Lounge at Sir F.K.Savigny Hotel was a PLACE TO BE. Exclusive styling advice, make-up tips from an expert, cozy atmosphere, champagne and lots of sweets – who could have missed it?

Our preparations went smoothly. It couldn´t be different since we got great help from Sir F.K.Savigny Hotel team. Thank you guys!

We didn´t expect so many women looking for a styling and make-up advice. Violetta Vio was in her element! We are sure that her suggestions made our guests feel more confident and beautiful.

Tips from make-up artist Jula Hoepfner were much appreciated. We enjoyed seeing women leaving with big smiles.

Bibi Bachtadze´s collection of beautiful dresses brought lots of attention. We welcomed our friends and fashion lovers with a pleasure. Fahri Yardim also fell in love with DND Styling:)

We definitely wouldn´t be able to arrange this event without the help of our sponsors. Rausch Schokoladen made these days really sweet. We wish something was left! John Paul Mitchell System provided us with brilliant hair sprays  – we wouldn’t be surprised if hair spray becomes a hit of this month in Berlin. MAC Cosmetics made our event as stylish as it gets. All women were delighted! We also received a great support from Berlin Projekt.

A big “THANK YOU” to all the sponsors from the whole DND Styling team!

These pictures simply make us proud!

After a weekend like this, we don´t need any rest. We just want more!:)

Making of

I had a very intensive day! Three shootings, three different artists, three various themes. Loved it.

The session with Thunderbird Gerard, US singer and songwriter, was a real fashion adventure. We went from casual, through vintage, to posh.

Clothes from the Berlin label “coat of arms” and Gerard´s flexibility allowed me to experiment with the men collection. You can see the effects of our work over here.

Gerard will release his new single this summer. Can´t miss it


From the world of music I moved to the world of fashion.

Dress from Bibi Bachtadze, who I truly admire. It looked stunning!


“It is exactly what you think it is.” GLAW – new label from Berlin. It´s worth seeing their Special Edition colleciton: