DND Styling thanks for your support!

Our new project, DND Styling Academy, has received great attention! We owe many, many thanks to all our partners who are helping us with promoting the Academy.

We would like to express special thanks to Henner Ceynowa and Think OOTB!  We also thank the Amano Hotel team. We can always count on them!

A great THANK YOU to Dennis Schnabel & Vernen Liebermann, who always support us!

Thousand thanks to:

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DND 50’s Styling

The evening at fabolous Amano Hotel was signed by style, glamour and elegance.

We invited our guests to take part in a fashion journey back to 50’s.

Violetta Vio was in her element. She helped women to find their perfect 50’s look.

No woman could resist trying on the dresses from Yvonne Warmbier’s unique collection.

However, the makeover wouldn’t be completed without the right hairstyle and make-up.  Our guests were in good hands: the hairstylists from Paul Mitchell did an amazing job. The make-up artist Claudia Witschaß and her colleage turned the women into the real 50’s divas.

Good event couldn’t go without good drinks. Pernor Ricard Deutschland served delicious Lillet – a fruity aperitif wine with a long French history.

You could feel the glamour in the air!

We are glad that our guests had a chance to rediscover themselves and we hope that they will bring a bit of 50’s spirit into their wardrobes. We are sure that the goodie bags from OPI and Paul Mitchell will help to keep it glamorous.

Our event wouldn’t take place without the help of our sponsors. Great THANK YOU to Patrizia Kayat and the Amano Hotel, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Pernord Ricard Deutschland and OPI.

We would also like to thank Rafael Poschmann, who took these amazing pictures and Nicholas Ceder, whose help was priceless.

We are already looking forward to the next event!!!

DND Styling à la 50’s

DND Styling wants every woman to feel fabulous! Yesterday at Amano Hotel we achieved our aim. Our guests moved back to 50’s and enjoyed a real feminine power! The unique atmosphere of Amano Hotel enhanced the whole experience! Professional styling by Violetta Vio, wonderful collection from Yvonne Warmbier, amazing hair stylists from Paul Mitchell, delicious Lillet drinks, great make-up artists and beautiful cosmetics from OPI- it just couldn’t go wrong!

The full report from the event is coming soon. Don’t miss it!