“Eye of the Staiger” in Munich

After the exhibition in Berlin, we decided to present the unique photo project of FC Bayern München Basketball and national team player Lucca Staiger “Eye of the Staiger” in Munich.

The photo exhibition was a part of “Timezone Real People Session” – a special evening where art, music, fashion and sport again joined their forces.

On the stage, played the talented Austrian newcomer Anna F with her amazing voice. The guests – including FC Bayern Munich player Mario Götze with his girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, moderator Daniel Aminati, actor Jan Sosniok, model agent Peyman Amin, captain of the national basketball team Heiko Schaffartzik, FC Bayern München basketball team player Jan Jagla with his wife Ivana, actor Milos Vukovic  and model Marie Nasemann –  enjoyed the cosy lounge atmosphere.

This great Sunday evening was a perfect occasion to relax before the upcoming week. A beautiful view from the huge terrace, where the guest could taste delicious BBQ specialities, enhanced this memorable experience.

The “Timezone Real People Session” was organised by our wonderful friends and partners: think OOTB and streetwear label Timezone. Many thanks to photographer Nils Krüger  for the outstanding job!

Special THANK YOU to Flyeralarm for supporting and believing in “Eye of the Staiger” project from the very beginning.

Before it all started..

Photos by Nils Krüger / courtesy of think OOTB . To check out all the pics go to: https://www.facebook.com/violetta.vio.52/media_set set=a.10204626689374446&type=1

The event received a wide coverage in the both local and national press – to check out some of the articles, follow the links below:








The taste of fashion

We would like to welcome you to the unique world of food and fashion!

In the new section “Taste of fashion”, Daniela Kögler will take you for an exciting journey where style and cuisine interact and complete each other.

 Photo by Ulrich Wolf

Daniela loves creative cuisine. In her opinion, the food always says something about the person who is eating it. If you eat the same every day, your stomach will feel full, but your spirit will still be empty.

Her first book ‘Good Morning Dornröschen’ (Good Morning Sleeping Beauty) is s a kind of a modern fairy tale. ‘Of course I want to be a princess. Every woman does. But I don´t want to sit alone in my castle for the whole day just to look nice and feel save.’ So from one day to another, Daniela decides to move from Bavaria (Germany) to Beijing (China) and work there as a model. That was an experience that she will never forget. To be in a foreign country so different to Europe. In her opinion, that is exactly what you need to do to clear your mind. However, she doesn’t want to stay a full time model and decides to go back to Germany..

Few years later, Daniela receives another job offer in Hong Kong. This time as a project manager. She takes the chance and moves to Asia again.

People always keep asking her, why she was never afraid: ‘Fear just keeps you from all the exciting and great experiences. Being open for the new cultures will push you forward and open your mind.’

Currently, Daniela lives in Germany (Berlin) and studies Fashion-Management. She does not like the German food at all. Luckily in Berlin she can get almost every food that she knows from Asia. This allows her to make small culinary and fashionable journeys here.

Follow her and the maxim: ‘Stay hungry for life. Cause you should never have enough of it.”