SAVON NOIR – Marius Fabre

Savon Noir comes from the century old French savon company Marius Fabre and is a traditional soft black body soap made from 100% vegetable oils. It is a natural olive oil based emollient and will also act as an exfoliant when using a glove. This black soap removes dead skin cells for a super soft velvety smooth skin. Mild enough for every skin type and will also aid application of your favourite tanning products. Men can also use it as an effective but gentle soap for shaving. Use in the shower and leave it for 1 minute before taking off. After cleansed and dried skin, use Marius Fabre Olivia Lait Corporel Hydratant body lotion or on wet skin, your favourite huile d’argan oil


Keep your skin smiling!

    Isabel Kammermeier

“Paula kommt”

Our latest styling project is full of heat and sex appeal!

Paula Lambert in the second season of her TV show charms the audience in a seductive way!

Watch “Paula kommt” at 22.30 every Friday at Sixx TV.

Check one of the episodes here.


Styling by Violetta Vio

Make up by Patricia Makosch