God Jul – Merry Christmas

While I am writing this post (later than usual), my homemade Swedish candy is cooling off and my German cookies are baking in the oven !
Lots to do these last days before Christmas.
For the first time we will be celebrating Christmas at our house and the whole family will come to visit us!

Although I am very busy I still managed to put together a little wishlist., hopefully Santa will see it ;-) If you are still looking for a gift – maybe it you will find some tips here!:)











Resource: edblad.com

Resource: kors.com

Besides all the nice, shiny things out there, my family and I have
few other wishes.

Health is the most important precious thing in life and the past year has shown me that in a very clear and cruel way. Luckily all is going in the right direction now. but if only that wish would come true, all other things wouldn’t matter!

More quality time with the family is my second big wish. I tend to spend too much time on the phone or computer when I am supposed to play and hang with my girls.

And then my third wish is more general. I wish for a more thoughtful way on how we all act to each other. A smile and a nice word can make such a difference, no matter if that is in the supermarket or on the playground.

With a big smile on my face, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your loved ones !
Love from Stockholm,


Christmas table decoration

Just a few days left until we will get together with our beloved ones for Christmas.
It’s high time to think about a nice decoration for the dinner table. Let me help you to set the perfect arrangement for your holiday and check out my tips for decorations with greenery, candles, silver, lovely place cards….and whatever you can think of!

First of all I would like to show you my Christmas dinner table decoration from last year. Just to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an elegant Christmas dinner decor.

My last year’s table-theme was ‘brown and golden’. First of all I put a brown velvet tablecloth on the table and then a table runner right in the middle. I also spread some fir branches on the runner and put nice deco elements on and around it.

Everything in brown and golden is welcome. For example, some nice cones, dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks, which will also bring a nice Christmas flavour to the table. You can also put some golden spray on the cones to make them a bit sparkly. Of course, we need some candle light for the Christmas dinner, so don’t forget about it! Last but not least, I put some cinnamon cookies on the plates that I was baking the night before. They were perfectly working as a place for cards…I just put a nice satin ribbon on the little cookie-bags to fix the name-cards of the guests.

However this is only one of a thousand possibilities to glamour up your Christmas table.
So let me give you some more inspirations.

Resource: www.designlike.com

It’s all about love…especially on Christmas! So why don’t you go for a red decoration for dinner?!
I think it’s just beautiful!

Resoure: www.freshome.com

Do you like it more gentle-warm and plain-elegant? Then this table decoration should be perfect for you!

Resource: www.freshome.com

Place a tree in the dining room so guests can enjoy its glow and smell…

Resource: www.freshome.com

…or directly on the dining table! ;)

Resource: http://www.getitcut.com

This decoration gives a cheerful ambience rich in Christmas tradition.

I hope these suggestions will help you a bit to find your own way for Christmas table decoration! However, don’t forget….in the end it’s all about getting together and having a nice time!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year!

I will be back in 2013 with some new ideas and suggestions for you!


    Mo Goshtasb

Pimp up your look!

My favorite part of the dressing up is when you get to choose accessories that will finalize
your outfit. It’s incredible how an add-on or a touch of makeup can highlight a dress, or a

I do wear a lot of black and my favorite piece of clothing are dresses, in fact I have a lot of black dresses and I can’t stop buying more.

As Christmas holidays are coming so soon, I have been looking for accessories that would embellish a simple black dress. Since it’s Christmas time you can really go for the glitter – gold touches.

I found 5 accessories that can pimp up your outfit and make you look fabulous.

The first one is a clutch bag, great for New Year’s Eve. It’s small and it doesn’t take too
much space. I found an interesting four fingers clutch bag type.

Resource: http://bit.ly/UaVaex

I adore the Alexander Mc Queen bag,it really looks like a piece of art! It makes an outfit and at the same time dresses your hands!

I’m very sensitive about the esthetic side of an end product. Just like accessories can pimp up our outfit, the packaging can dramatically change the product. Paul&Joe lipstick from the limited edition is a great example. I really love its pattern and the pink shade.

Resource: http://www.paul-joe-beaute.com/fr/creation/12au/new_lip.html

Resource: http://bit.ly/Po09sU

Great for New Year’s Eve party!!!

Another way to decorate a basic dress or a top is a big necklace. Marni presents a perfect
collar for a festive time. I find it very interesting because it’s made from different materials
and it’s got a Christmassy accent.

Resource: http://bit.ly/UDqpiR

A hat doesn’t suit everybody but for those who like it I found a feminine and a delicate one
from Clipperton Fedora. It will keep you stylish during winter days and nights out.

Resource: http://bit.ly/ST9IjI
Resource: http://bit.ly/ZjyeQj
Finally, as a fan and (collector) of nail polish, there is no way I can go out without painting
my nails. I kept the best accessory for the end!!!

O.P.I 18k gold nail polish for the James Bond Collection is incredible!!! It’s ridiculously bling
bling but I can’t help to like it!

Resource: http://bit.ly/OgxsdN

Have a great weekend!