A light in the dark

Days are getting shorter and darker here in Sweden. With the dark times comes the wish for a light. Beautiful lamps and candleholders are on top of my shopping list at the moment.

Resource: bestlite.nl

A big dream of mine is the classical Bestlite lamp. Winston Churchill used to have a reading lamp from this brand. I love the timeless design. Unfortunately, they cost quite a lot and have to stay on the wish list for now.

Lately I also discovered the Danish brand Bloomingville. They do very nice lamps and accessories for the home.

The baskets give a cozy autumn look and would be perfect for harvesting the apples in our garden.

Picutres from: bloomingville.dk

I am currently redecorating my home a bit – we bought a new dining table and I guess wooden candleholders would look perfect on it.

I will have to find a Bloomingville store soon.

When I think about it, autumn is probably my favorite season, at least when it comes to fashion, for the house and for myself.

Have a great week everyone.

Love from Stockholm,


How safe are your cosmetics?

A quick guide to what should and what should not be on your cosmetics & beauty shelf.

I imagine most people aren’t aware of what exactly is in the products they are using on a daily basis.  It is important to find that out and avoid ingredients that may cause irritation and allergies. Even after using a product for many years your skin can react to it without you realizing that the ingredients could be the problem. Some ‘natural’ products can also cause an allergic reaction.

Here are some of the ingredients that you should avoid:

Preservatives: Benzoic acid, Methylparaben, Ethylbaraben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben and many more.

Mineral oils: Mineral oil, Petrolatum (vaseline), Paraffinum-liquidum, Paraffinum Subliquidum, Cera Mocrocristallina, Microcrystaline wax, Ozokerit, Ceresin

Ingredients derived from dead animals.

Perfumes, fragrances and ethereal oils.

If in doubt stop using the product and find an alternative. Here are some suggestions

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent

Keep your skin smiling,

  Isabel Kammermeier

Shabby Chic at Berlin’s Fleamarkets

Find your own style with a mix of heirlooms, flea market bargains and homemade pieces.

Last weekend I visited three finest flea markets with vintage furniture in Berlin. I love the beauty of the imperfect and worn objects with their own history.

The flea market at Straße des 17. Juni is probably one of the most famous flea markets in Berlin. You can find there lots of extraordinary pieces.

Two of my favorite elements in Shabby Chic Style were the vintage sofa and that classic chair with a comfortable cushion. They can give every room a touch of coziness.

At the Fleamarket at Boxhagener Platz in Berlin – Friedrichshain I found another piece in the Shabby Chic Style – a chandelier. It is not only glamorous, but also romantic.

At the end I visited fleamarket at Mauerpark. You can find there a lot of lovely unique accessories like these antique handles and a beautiful old tea service.

  by Mo Goshtasb