Undress like a princess…

My little pleasure during the sales is to check the websites of my favourite brands that are usually a bit expensive and to find out if they have good bargains. Well, my excitement of this week was about Princesse Tam Tam. This lingerie brand is perfect to me! Each piece looks so cute I wish I could own them all!


Now if you don’t know this brand yet, let me tell you a bit about it. It has been created in the 80’s by two sisters and it is now very successful. You can find it all over the world.  It’s a very creative young and feminine brand that likes to play with funny prints and tiny details. The lingerie is always so refreshing and I love the colors they have.

I love the color of this Pink bra and I find the big bow very feminine.

Resource:  http://www.princessetamtam.com/fr/r1-lingerie/ruby-a3538-soutien-gorge-sans-armatures-rose-icone

They have also very nice deshabille, the materials they use are always very delicate and unique:

Resource: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151922320931992&

What I love about this one is the combination of nude and yellow.

Resource: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151720035406992&

For a girly one I’ll choose this one! Looks like a tutu!

Resource: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151720038701992&

I truly like deshabille, they not only feel amazing on the skin and keep you warm, but they also make you feel sexy. Look at this one!

Resource: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151838002676992&

The pattern of this bra is a real fun!

Resource: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151720034431992&

If you like these samples you can check out their websites and look for your favorites. I’m off to France next week so I’ll directly have a look in their shop!

Have a nice weekend and Happy sales,


2013 Sales? Oui! In Paris? Oui!!

Happy New Year to everyone and first good news of 2013: it’s the winter sales! When we thought fun was over after Christmas and NYE celebration ended, another event puts a smile on our faces!

Resource: http://bit.ly/10Oish2

Now, where is your dream place to shop? Mine is of course Paris, not only you get great shops and discounts there, but you also get the beauty of the streets and the architecture. Plus you get variety; from tiny unique boutiques to huge famous brands. You’ll definitely find what you want.

But here are some tips about the best places to shop in Paris:

First stop is Boulevard Haussman department store. You will find there Galeries Lafayette with their beautiful art Nouveau dome and other decorations.  In the Boulevard you will also be able to find the usual shops such as Mango, H&M, Zara etc.

Resource: http://bit.ly/S4GzWe

Another nice place to shop is Rue de Rivoli. It’s a very famous shopping street in Paris because of its history, but also because it’s close to a lot of touristic places.

Resource: http://bit.ly/UF2pxP

Resource: http://www.creafrance.org/fr/poi/23555/rue-de-rivoli

If you’re looking for a trendy- bobo Parisian experience you have to go to Le Marais. This district is full of small fashionable boutiques with charm and class. And it’s also a beautiful area to walk in.

Resoure: http://bit.ly/UHUr6Z

For some “window shopping”, why not going to Champs Elysées, where you will find the big Haute Couture brands like Chanel, Dior Louis Vuitton? It’s so nice because the showcases of these shops are always beautiful and impressive! It looks like a museum.

Resource: http://bit.ly/VwZxDI

Resource: http://www.travelingfashionista.com

If you have a chance to go to this beautiful city, I hope you’ll find good bargains in these places! Sales are starting on 9th January so get ready and happy shopping!


What’s happening after Christmas Dinner?

We all know that for the next two weeks we can forget about light food and the no-snack-in-between-meals rule. I have told you about the perfect dress and accessories to wear but there is also a lovable comfortable part to Christmas…. The pyjamas!!!

When you have just spent 4 hours sitting at a table eating, drinking, chatting – what is better than changing into your pyjamas and siting on the sofa with a warm tea by the fire. (This is an ideal picture; you can also sit next to your electrical heater).  And don’t worry it doesn’t need to be cliché Christmas PJs with dear faces on them; you can also be refined but still comfy!

When I think about Christmas I see glitters, colours (lots of reds and greens) and to choose the perfect after – dinner pyjamas I would like something that is the opposite of this; such as pastels, light and gentle colours or materials.

I really like these two pyjama tops from my favourite lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam, it looks so pure because of the colour and transparency but also the combination of cashmere, silk and cotton feels amazing on the skin.

Resource: http://www.princessetamtam.com/fr/

Resource: http://www.princessetamtam.com/fr/

I also like the idea of Woman’s Secret for their really nice pattern, and these transparent trousers look lovely!

Resource: http://womensecret.com/tienda/

And of course how could you forget about Victoria’s secret? I chose these two pyjamas, the first one because its cotton and the pink and white stripes are crazy cute! And I love the second one because grey silk is so classy, plus you can get the slippers to match the whole outfit!

Resource: http://www.victoriassecret.com/sleepwear/pajamas/

Resource: http://www.victoriassecret.com/sleepwear/pajamas

But if you really want to be comfortable you will need nice comfy slippers and this Spanish brand, Oysho has the perfect pair for you:

Resource: http://www.oysho.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/

And when I saw this dressing gown from this same brand I thought I should get it, I can’t resist wanting to touch it, it looks so soft and perfect for some relaxing time!

Resource: http://www.oysho.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/

Now I’m not sure which part I am looking forward the most; the party dress dinner part or the comfortable pyjama part! One thing is for sure; I can’t wait for next Tuesday ;)

I wish you all a Joyeux Noel and Bonne Année – have a great celebration and see you in 2013!


Pimp up your look!

My favorite part of the dressing up is when you get to choose accessories that will finalize
your outfit. It’s incredible how an add-on or a touch of makeup can highlight a dress, or a

I do wear a lot of black and my favorite piece of clothing are dresses, in fact I have a lot of black dresses and I can’t stop buying more.

As Christmas holidays are coming so soon, I have been looking for accessories that would embellish a simple black dress. Since it’s Christmas time you can really go for the glitter – gold touches.

I found 5 accessories that can pimp up your outfit and make you look fabulous.

The first one is a clutch bag, great for New Year’s Eve. It’s small and it doesn’t take too
much space. I found an interesting four fingers clutch bag type.

Resource: http://bit.ly/UaVaex

I adore the Alexander Mc Queen bag,it really looks like a piece of art! It makes an outfit and at the same time dresses your hands!

I’m very sensitive about the esthetic side of an end product. Just like accessories can pimp up our outfit, the packaging can dramatically change the product. Paul&Joe lipstick from the limited edition is a great example. I really love its pattern and the pink shade.

Resource: http://www.paul-joe-beaute.com/fr/creation/12au/new_lip.html

Resource: http://bit.ly/Po09sU

Great for New Year’s Eve party!!!

Another way to decorate a basic dress or a top is a big necklace. Marni presents a perfect
collar for a festive time. I find it very interesting because it’s made from different materials
and it’s got a Christmassy accent.

Resource: http://bit.ly/UDqpiR

A hat doesn’t suit everybody but for those who like it I found a feminine and a delicate one
from Clipperton Fedora. It will keep you stylish during winter days and nights out.

Resource: http://bit.ly/ST9IjI
Resource: http://bit.ly/ZjyeQj
Finally, as a fan and (collector) of nail polish, there is no way I can go out without painting
my nails. I kept the best accessory for the end!!!

O.P.I 18k gold nail polish for the James Bond Collection is incredible!!! It’s ridiculously bling
bling but I can’t help to like it!

Resource: http://bit.ly/OgxsdN

Have a great weekend!