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The whole Stylekompass team would like to thank Tilla for building with us our blog and enriching it so much with her “Hello from Sweden” section. It was a pleasure working with her!

Although, we will miss Tilla´s input to our weekly news, we are happy that she got the new, amazing career oportunity! We all will be crossing our fingers for her new projects and challanges.

We decided to leave the section on the blog for a bit longer, because we are sure, that you can still find some helpful tips and recommendations from our Swedish expert. Take advantage of them and fall in love with Swedish lifestyle!

Resource: http://www.collarcitybrownstone.com/2012/08/swedish-home-interior-decorating.html?m=1

Who wouldn´t?

God Jul – Merry Christmas

While I am writing this post (later than usual), my homemade Swedish candy is cooling off and my German cookies are baking in the oven !
Lots to do these last days before Christmas.
For the first time we will be celebrating Christmas at our house and the whole family will come to visit us!

Although I am very busy I still managed to put together a little wishlist., hopefully Santa will see it ;-) If you are still looking for a gift – maybe it you will find some tips here!:)











Resource: edblad.com

Resource: kors.com

Besides all the nice, shiny things out there, my family and I have
few other wishes.

Health is the most important precious thing in life and the past year has shown me that in a very clear and cruel way. Luckily all is going in the right direction now. but if only that wish would come true, all other things wouldn’t matter!

More quality time with the family is my second big wish. I tend to spend too much time on the phone or computer when I am supposed to play and hang with my girls.

And then my third wish is more general. I wish for a more thoughtful way on how we all act to each other. A smile and a nice word can make such a difference, no matter if that is in the supermarket or on the playground.

With a big smile on my face, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your loved ones !
Love from Stockholm,


Santa Lucia

Tomorrow, on the 13th of December we will celebrate one of my absolute favorite holidays here in Sweden- Santa Lucia.

There are a few different theories on why we celebrate this day. However, the essence is clear: a beautiful young blond woman brings a light into the dark.

All over the country there will be Lucia processions. In churches, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and shopping malls. All of them will have one Lucia. Every girl growing up in Sweden dreams of being Lucia one year.



In the kindergarten there are of course as many Lucias as they can dress up. It would be too cruel to choose just one out of many cute blonde kids ;-)

This is already our third Lucia in daycare, but it feels like the first real one. My oldest daughter, almost 4 years old now, has been preparing herself for weeks now. She can’t wait for the day to come. Neither can I.

I will wake my family with fresh baked saffron buns and warm chocolate milk (coffee for me and hubby). Our special Lucia breakfast already became a dear tradition at our family.

It is almost scary how fast these last days of the year go by. In less than 2 weeks it is Christmas. I have to wrap a LOT of gifts and can´t wait to see my daughters´ eyes when they see the tree and all the gifts.

However, first – Lucia.

Have a great week everyone,

Love from Stockholm,


Baby it´s cold outside….

Yes, it finally came! The snow is here and we have nearly artic temperatures.

The white, crisp snow makes everything so much more beautiful and peaceful. It adds a lot of light to this dark season of the year.

Since Sunday the temperature has been around of -15°C or even lower – at the nighttime it´s getting down to -20. Keeping warm is quite a challenge.

When I lived in Germany – in Cologne to be exact  – I didn´t really know what winter means. I also didn´t have the right clothes for it. However, if you want to enjoy this season in Sweden, warm clothes are essential.

No matter how cold it gets, I absolutely love this time of the year! Only when my girls have to get dressed for outside adventures, it gets more complicated. It can easily take 15 min before all 3 of us are properly dressed ;-)

Resource: http://www.woolrichclothing.co.uk

For my birthday this year I got the classic Woolrich Arctic Parka – a basic piece that will keep me warm for many winters.

Resource: http://www.hunkydory.se/web/Main_collection.aspx

Resource: http://www.tintinstyle.se/cozy-sweater/p/4658

Resource: http://www.tintinstyle.se/amalie-jumper/p/3915

Resource: http://www.tintinstyle.se/cecil/p/3830

Resource: http://shop.creativelounge.se


At the moment I match it with warm cardigans,  tops and big boots.

Next week we will celebrate the St. Lucia day, one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions here in Sweden.

I can’t wait to tell you all about this wonderful day.

Until then, stay warm and cozy! Have a wonderful week!

Love from Stockholm, Tilla