2013 Sales? Oui! In Paris? Oui!!

Happy New Year to everyone and first good news of 2013: it’s the winter sales! When we thought fun was over after Christmas and NYE celebration ended, another event puts a smile on our faces!

Resource: http://bit.ly/10Oish2

Now, where is your dream place to shop? Mine is of course Paris, not only you get great shops and discounts there, but you also get the beauty of the streets and the architecture. Plus you get variety; from tiny unique boutiques to huge famous brands. You’ll definitely find what you want.

But here are some tips about the best places to shop in Paris:

First stop is Boulevard Haussman department store. You will find there Galeries Lafayette with their beautiful art Nouveau dome and other decorations.  In the Boulevard you will also be able to find the usual shops such as Mango, H&M, Zara etc.

Resource: http://bit.ly/S4GzWe

Another nice place to shop is Rue de Rivoli. It’s a very famous shopping street in Paris because of its history, but also because it’s close to a lot of touristic places.

Resource: http://bit.ly/UF2pxP

Resource: http://www.creafrance.org/fr/poi/23555/rue-de-rivoli

If you’re looking for a trendy- bobo Parisian experience you have to go to Le Marais. This district is full of small fashionable boutiques with charm and class. And it’s also a beautiful area to walk in.

Resoure: http://bit.ly/UHUr6Z

For some “window shopping”, why not going to Champs Elysées, where you will find the big Haute Couture brands like Chanel, Dior Louis Vuitton? It’s so nice because the showcases of these shops are always beautiful and impressive! It looks like a museum.

Resource: http://bit.ly/VwZxDI

Resource: http://www.travelingfashionista.com

If you have a chance to go to this beautiful city, I hope you’ll find good bargains in these places! Sales are starting on 9th January so get ready and happy shopping!