What’s happening after Christmas Dinner?

We all know that for the next two weeks we can forget about light food and the no-snack-in-between-meals rule. I have told you about the perfect dress and accessories to wear but there is also a lovable comfortable part to Christmas…. The pyjamas!!!

When you have just spent 4 hours sitting at a table eating, drinking, chatting – what is better than changing into your pyjamas and siting on the sofa with a warm tea by the fire. (This is an ideal picture; you can also sit next to your electrical heater).  And don’t worry it doesn’t need to be cliché Christmas PJs with dear faces on them; you can also be refined but still comfy!

When I think about Christmas I see glitters, colours (lots of reds and greens) and to choose the perfect after – dinner pyjamas I would like something that is the opposite of this; such as pastels, light and gentle colours or materials.

I really like these two pyjama tops from my favourite lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam, it looks so pure because of the colour and transparency but also the combination of cashmere, silk and cotton feels amazing on the skin.

Resource: http://www.princessetamtam.com/fr/

Resource: http://www.princessetamtam.com/fr/

I also like the idea of Woman’s Secret for their really nice pattern, and these transparent trousers look lovely!

Resource: http://womensecret.com/tienda/

And of course how could you forget about Victoria’s secret? I chose these two pyjamas, the first one because its cotton and the pink and white stripes are crazy cute! And I love the second one because grey silk is so classy, plus you can get the slippers to match the whole outfit!

Resource: http://www.victoriassecret.com/sleepwear/pajamas/

Resource: http://www.victoriassecret.com/sleepwear/pajamas

But if you really want to be comfortable you will need nice comfy slippers and this Spanish brand, Oysho has the perfect pair for you:

Resource: http://www.oysho.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/

And when I saw this dressing gown from this same brand I thought I should get it, I can’t resist wanting to touch it, it looks so soft and perfect for some relaxing time!

Resource: http://www.oysho.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/

Now I’m not sure which part I am looking forward the most; the party dress dinner part or the comfortable pyjama part! One thing is for sure; I can’t wait for next Tuesday ;)

I wish you all a Joyeux Noel and Bonne Année – have a great celebration and see you in 2013!