Today is Halloween! Although this holiday has its origin in the US, it is also quite a big deal here in Sweden. I suppose much bigger than in Germany.

One of the reasons could be that kids here don’t have any other occasion, holiday or season when they can dress up. Carnival or German “Fasching” don’t exist in Sweden. The simple fact that sweets are involved in the Trick or Treat might be another explanation. Swedes – no matter if big or small – love sweets:) Imagine that every single supermarket has its own candy-bar!

My first daughter is 3,5 years now and this Halloween is the first one that she is really aware of. She wants to celebrate it and dress up. Today she will have a dress-up party in the Kindergarten, so we bought a witch costume and pumpkins. All of this is quite new to me – I was never so into Halloween. However, as soon as you have kids, such holidays get much more important.

For me a whole new world of decoration opens up, yet another reason to decorate the house.

Resource: Pinterest.com

Resource: marthastewart.com

When I was browsing the net, I found these two ideas that I’ll definitely keep in mind for the next year. There is so much more than just pumpkins :-)

Have a great Halloween and rest of the week,

Love from Stockholm,