A brand to watch

As Christmas comes closer, I am starting to think what to wish for. I am browsing through a few of my favorite Swedish fashion brands.

One of them is Fifth Ave Shoe Repair.

The brand was founded in 2004 and quickly became recognizable through its great materials and good quality. One of my first purchases after i have moved to Sweden was a pair of shoes at Fifth Ave S.R.

The collection is very Swedish: urban, edgy and comfortable. You can easily combine the pieces with other styles and items. The company puts lots of effort into perfect cuts and shapes. For many artists and trendy people from south of Stockholm the collection became a kind of a uniform.

As an award winning brand V AVE S.R  can be found at almost every nice store in the city.

Resource: http://www.vave-shoerepair.com

I wouldn’t mind the nougat colored suit, a nice piece for work and leisure. Very essential for a cold winter.

Snow will soon find its way up here and I can’t wait till it brightens up the darkest time of the year.

Have a great week everyone!

Love from Stockholm,


No more dry lips!

Every year when the cold weather comes we have the same problem with damaged and dry lips. Here are my favourites to protect against redness and sensitivity. They will give you kissable lips!!

Weleda lip balm: bees wax, jojoba oil, rose oil, shea butter and vanilla

Alverde lip balm: it´s vegan with sheabutter, mangobutter and jojoba

Lavera lipbalm: jojoba oil, almond oil, shea butter

They all are free from mineral oils and will keep  nourishing your lips!

DIY Christmas decoration

It’s about one month till Christmas – the most romantic time of the year. Soon the wooden huts  with fairy lights will be set up all around the city. The windows of the houses, streets, alleys and trees will be festooned with lights and Christmas decoration.
It´s high time for you to think about your own Christmas home decoration!

Let me show you some of my favourite DIY inspirations.

Resource: http://www.sadecor.co.za

This minimalistic wall decoration tree will be the highlight of your living room.You can easily do it yourself. Just collect some nice branches on your next walk in the woods, cut them into different length and put them on the wall with some nails. All you have to do now is to dig out some of your nicest christmas decoration pieces and hang them on the branches.
Resource: www.79ideas.org

This Christmas tree is quickly made and could enrich your dinner table or your window ledge. You just need some lumbers and some yarn from the art supply store and some cute and coloured gift packages.

Resource: www.hegeinfrance.com
This hanger decorated with colored Christmas tree balls, which are loosely attached with some twins, fits on almost every wall or window. It is a gorgeous and original alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.

Resource: www.stylizimo.com

Decorate your home with a unique home-made advents calendar. Your children will love it!
Get a wooden board and paint it in your favourite colour. Then put some tape stripes on the board in the form of a fir tree. Now you need 24 clothespins….and of course 24 little presents! Anything is permitted!

Resource: www.cushandnooks.co.nz
Another option for a selfmade advents calender. Print out a picture of a beautiful fir tree and put it on a cardboard. Buy 24 little coloured paper bags and put them on the tree with some pins. Last but not least, get a nice paper star and put it at the top of your christmas calendar tree.

I wish you lots of inner warmth for t h e Christmas time!

   Mo Goshtasb