Santa Lucia

Tomorrow, on the 13th of December we will celebrate one of my absolute favorite holidays here in Sweden- Santa Lucia.

There are a few different theories on why we celebrate this day. However, the essence is clear: a beautiful young blond woman brings a light into the dark.

All over the country there will be Lucia processions. In churches, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and shopping malls. All of them will have one Lucia. Every girl growing up in Sweden dreams of being Lucia one year.



In the kindergarten there are of course as many Lucias as they can dress up. It would be too cruel to choose just one out of many cute blonde kids ;-)

This is already our third Lucia in daycare, but it feels like the first real one. My oldest daughter, almost 4 years old now, has been preparing herself for weeks now. She can’t wait for the day to come. Neither can I.

I will wake my family with fresh baked saffron buns and warm chocolate milk (coffee for me and hubby). Our special Lucia breakfast already became a dear tradition at our family.

It is almost scary how fast these last days of the year go by. In less than 2 weeks it is Christmas. I have to wrap a LOT of gifts and can´t wait to see my daughters´ eyes when they see the tree and all the gifts.

However, first – Lucia.

Have a great week everyone,

Love from Stockholm,